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Welcome to a delicious time.
For a delicious time. At least once.


“Seasonal” foodstuffs created by Japan’s four seasons.

CHOJIRO that values the delicate taste of seasonal foodstuffs and offers you sushi that the chef devotedly shapes one piece after another.

Our shop, which delicately balances a casual atmosphere only possible in a conveyor-belt sushi with our sushi chef’s commitment to quality,
is filled with the excited voices of children and their parents.


The sushi chef stocks extraordinarily fresh fish and shellfish and displays his skills day after day.

We offer a wide selection of your favorite sushi, tuna skewers that grilled right in our shop, and piping hot tempura, with Japanese rice wine.

Please enjoy picking out the dishes you want to savor during your visit to CHOJIRO.



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Our menu is available in English,Chinese,and Korean.
You can place an order by using the iPad at your table.

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